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About Scaler

Scaler Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional LED lighting product manufacturer and wholesaler with many years of experience in LED commercial lighting, residential lighting, decorative lighting and LED Sport lighting fields, providing wide range of products.

Our company has strong technical support to work on new concepts, high-technology and high quality products. We are keeping on bringing innovation to LED lighting industry since year 2006 by designing and manufacturing innovative and unique LED products. With good industry reputation and stable quality, we are very proud to be a reliable partner to many loyal customers for long term cooperation and we are continuously offering our customers great success and on time delivery.


  • 10 automatic SMT machines
  • 6 Reflow machines
  • 5 High Temperature Ovens
  • 1 Integrating Sphere
  • 1 High temperature tester
  • 1 IES tester
  • 12 Aging test tables
  • 4 PVC plastic injecting machines

How We Control Quality For you?

1. Incoming Raw Material Inspection
Comparing incoming raw material and sealed sample in terms of class, quality grade, technical data, ensuring the consistency with purchasing requirements, thus guarantee the ensuing manufactured product fulfilling customers’ requirements.

2. Led Drying
Leds will absorb humidity when exposed to air, which requires 24H drying before SMD.

3. Light-on Test after SMD
After pasting of leds onto the PCB board, each strip panels will be powered to see if any insufficient soldering, slanted leds, and dead leds, if yes, they have to be repaired until qualified; if no, then flowing to the next stream.

4. Light-on and beating test
Strips after SMD (0.5M) should be soldered to 5M roll, after which they have to be lighted again to check if any dead leds, and together with beating test to see if leds fixed tight on pcb board

5. Aging Test
Finished products must undergo at least 8 hours’ aging test 100%

6. Light-on test of finished product
Finished product, before packing, must be lighted again after aging to check if any dead leds.

7. Pre-shipment Inspection
Proofing finished product with customers’ requirements again before shipment, to ensure the consistency of products with customers’ needs.

About OEM

Scaler is dedicated to be your stronger partner, we can provide OEM service for your customized need, include finished products, PCBA, Layout, Assemble working or help you create your own products etc. You will benefit from our professional work, and one-stop service will help you cost saving and high efficiency.

Available OEM Projects:

Aluminum Profile series

Available OEM Projects:
Aluminum Profile series
Custom your color, length, material
OEM service provided on your design

LED Strip Lights series
Custom your color, CRI, brightness of LEDs
Custom your color, length, design of PCB

LED Copper Wire String Lights series
Custom your LED color, LED Q’ty, Shapes
Custom your copper wire color, length

LED Controller series
Custom your structure, material, logo
1PCB layout, controlling program (like App) fabrication

LED Connection Solution
Custom your length, type of connectorExcept above but not limited to Custom solutions for your lights like tube, bulb, spot light.etc

OEM Process:

  • Evaluation on your idea
  • Structure design
  • Program design
  • Prototype assembly & testing
  • Testing at customer site
  • Transfer to manufacturing

LED Aluminum Profile Packing



LED String Light Packing


LED Flexible Strip Light Packing


LED Flexible Strip Production

LED Flexible Strip Production

LED Aluminum Profile Production


Controller: CE ROHS TUV


No Peeling Fast Easy Connector: CE

No Peeling Fast Easy Connector